Ariston Water Heater PROECO50V

Model: PROECO50V

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Ariston Water Heater PROECO50V
Ariston Water Heater PROECO50V

PRO ECO is the best solution for the user who wants product able to guarantee the maximum saving and at the same time maximum performance and maximum safety.Thanks to ECO technology, Nano mix+Best system and the ABS package, PRO ECO allows the user to save up to 10% energy consumption per year, to produce up to 40 lt. more of water at 40°C and to offer the maximum use safety. There is a new design for PRO ECO: the Smart thermometer is in the frontal led control panel.

    Exclusive design/Highprecision Easy and Fast reset/Oversize magnesium anode / High efficiencywith expanded polyurethane insulation / Pressure safety valve tested at 8 bar /Product tested to the highest quality standards / Titanium glass-lined innertank tested at 16 bar


Brand Ariston
Color White
Type Water Heater
Capacity 50 Litres
Features Vertical installation Protective against corrosion: titanium enamel, magnesium anode
Power Consumption 1200 Watts
Dimensions 200 x 900 x 450 mm
Weight 16.5 Kg