Air conditioners

At present, no one can dispense with the presence of air conditioning system in his home in Egypt, after the terrible rise in temperature, the presence of large and small air conditioner units in homes, offices, companies and all places is inevitable. Therefore, you will find all kinds of AC unit in different brands at Sharaf dg.
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Air conditioner Egypt Brands – Sharaf dg

carrier air conditioner, Carrier standing ac, Sharp, Gree air conditioner egypt, LG air conditioner, Fresh, Midea, Icool, Unionaire, Craft.

Air conditioner Prices – Sharaf dg:

The prices of air conditioners in Egypt vary, starting from 5,540EGP up to 16,000 EGP.
We are Sharaf dg offers to you the best prices of ACs and air conditioner sale Egypt ever:

Carrier 7,910 EGP 15,790 EGP
Sharp 9,438 EGP 10,660 EGP
Gree 5,740 EGP 11,599 EGP
LG 8,850 EGP 14,000 EGP
Icool 5,540 EGP 8,830 EGP
Midea 7,700 EGP 14,680 EGP
Fresh 6,399 EGP 11,169 EGP
Unionaire 7,556 EGP 10,898 EGP
Craft 8,499 EGP

Models of air conditioner – Sharaf dg:

Carrier Carrier 53KHCT24 EGP
Carrier Carrier 53KHCT18
Carrier Carrier 53KHCT12
Carrier Carrier 53QHCT12
Carrier Carrier Inverter 53QHCT18DN
Carrier Carrier Inverter 53QHCT24DN
Carrier Carrier Inverter 53QHCT12DN
Sharp Sharp Turbo Cool AY-A18USE
Sharp Sharp Premium Plus AY-AP24UHE
Sharp Sharp AY-AP12UHEA
Sharp Sharp Anti Bacterial Filter AH-A24USE
Sharp Sharp Premium Plus AH-AP24UHE
Sharp Sharp Inverter AY-XP24UHE
Sharp Sharp Premium Plus AY-AP18UHE
Sharp Sharp Inverter AY-XP12UHE
Sharp Sharp AY-A12USEA
Sharp Sharp Split Air Conditioner 2.25 HP AHA18USE/AUA18UHE
Unionaire Unionaire GITWG18UFCO
Unionaire Unionaire ART1012HRF
Craft Craft DS12FV7H1FG1/DS12CV7H1G1

Features of aircondition – Sharaf dg:

Anti-corrosion, Auto Restart Function, Turbo air cooler Function, air filters, low noise levels, energy saving, fast cooling, high cooling Power,
fan speed: high fan speed with the low noise level.
heating and air conditioning (heating and cooling systems): hot & cold air with heat pump.

capacities of air conditioners – Sharaf dg:

There are many capacities of AC units available able to accommodate all spaces and suitable for any place 1 HP, 1.25 HP, 1.5 HP, 2,25 HP, 2.5 HP, 3 HP

Types of air conditioning unit – sharaf dg:

Free stand, Window, Split, portable air conditioner.

Sort of central air conditioners – sharaf dg:

There are two types of central air conditioners: split ac unit and packaged ac unit.
Split ac unit: Outside the room or home we put the condensers and compressors, Inside the room or home we put the evaporative coolers.
packaged ac unit: condensers, compressors & evaporative coolers are all located in one cabinet

Frequently Asked Questions

How we can save electricity for Air conditioners?

* Make the thermostat at a high level.
* Sure that The sun is far from the HVAC system.
* Make sure that the room with its air conditioning unit is well insulated.
* Keep the filters of an air conditioner is always clean.
* Use fans in the room containing ac unit.
* Regular maintenance of the ac unit to maintain efficiency.

How do I choose an air conditioner?

The choice of air conditioners in egypt is very important, so if you choose the wrong it will be very difficult to change the device so you must choose carefully so as not to make mistakes
There are types of air conditioner egypt: Free stand air conditioners, Window air conditioners, Split air conditioners

Window air conditioners:

cheap, easy to install, do not take up a lot of space, it can be used in many places, great energy efficiency ratio If you want high efficiency in cooling and cost is low, you should choose Window air conditioners which is the best option.

Free stand air conditioners:

Suitability, Flexibility, Convenience, but it is more disturbing than Window air conditioners

Split air conditioners:

easy to install, reduces energy cost, amazing quiet operation, Flexibility, but the compressor of a split air conditioner can be quite noisy

Which gas is used in AC?

The gas commonly used in refrigerants is generally Freon gas

How long does AC gas last?

From 12 to 15 years

But this period may be less than that … This occurs when the device is not suitable for the room space or the device is turning on and off rapidly causing erosion and damage to the device.

Payment Methods

now you can buy any air conditioners online with free delivery to Cairo and Giza and you can pay cash on delivery. You can also enjoy our different installment payment methods with NBE, CIB, Valu, Aman, Premium card up to 36 months

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