Braun Hair Removal System PL3011 IPL

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Braun Hair Removal System PL3011 IPL
Braun Hair Removal System PL3011 IPL
Braun Hair Removal System PL3011 IPL
Braun Hair Removal System PL3011 IPL

Braun Hair Removal System PL3011 IPL

Silk · expertSilk · expert Pro, Braun’s newest IPL hair removal device. The Silk · expert Pro 3 guarantees a lasting reduction of your hair growth in just three months. The safest IPL technology, clinically tested and dermatologically approved by a leading international skin health organization (Skin Health Alliance). The only IPL that automatically and continuously adapts to skin tone for safe, effective, visible and permanent hair removal. It also includes a premium storage bag to conveniently store and transport the device and a Venus razor for pre-treatment. Get results 2 times faster than with the previous Silk Expert 3: In just 9 minutes for both legs. 300,000 pulses of light, 20 percent more than the previous Silk · expert 3.

Twice faster treatment
It only takes you nine minutes to treat both legs at the lowest energy level. For faster treatment, the glide mode triggers more light pulses, making it ideal for large body areas, while the precision mode provides more precise treatment for smaller and more sensitive areas.

Precise and gentle to the skin
With the precision attachment you can handle smaller or more difficult areas like face, bikini and underarms. The IPL device offers two levels of intensity with a smooth setting that is ideal for beginners.

300,000 light pulses. Three energy levels
300,000 pulses of light (+ 20% compared to the previous Silk-expert 3) are sufficient for a full-body application of 16 years. The three energy levels ensure that the light intensity optimally adapts to your skin tone.

Plan and track your applications
The Braun Silk-Expert Pro App provides an intuitive treatment overview that helps you to record your treatments and track your progress. You can also use the app to see how the SensoAdapt skin tone sensor works, and it will show you how to best use the device.

Find out if IPL is right for you:
IPL is most effective in light to medium skin tones with naturally blond to dark brown or black hair. The device is least suitable for pale blond, red, gray or white hair, where the lower amount of melanin does not absorb the light.

Brand Braun
Type IPL Hair Remover
Features 15 percent smaller and 25 percent lighter | for easy handling and effortless handling | 300,000 pulses of light | 20 percent more than the previous Silk-expert 3